Functional Reflex Therapy is designed to empower the Multi-disciplined team in the education system nurturing children and adults with autistic, autistic spectrum disorders, neurological impairment and complex needs with non invasive, safe, relaxing techniques drawn from the original theories and practice of the complementary therapy and Reflexology.

Functional Reflex Therapy is a short repetitive routine lasting between 15 to 20 mins consisting of a combination of relaxing techniques with linking moves using hand, finger and thumb movements to specific reflex points and areas on the feet lower leg or hand and forearm.  Receiving regular Functional Reflex Therapy may:-

Encourages relaxation and induce calm –

helps improve their mood     relieves tension

Reduce anxiety and stress related conditions –

Helps concentration and focus, –

encourages the receiver to be more receptive,

Encourages social interaction –

It will have a positive effect on the issues that affect individuals and people around them in many areas of their everyday lives.

This therapy is usually delivered in a schools package where there is a kit or parents/carers/keyworkers but we can do a workshop where you can learn the technique to work on their children or someone they are looking after.

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