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I have worked in Residential homes for over 7 years and I provide geriatric massage for those who can have it. For those who for health reasons are not suitable I provide reflexology or Reiki.

I am CRB checked, insured and a member of a few professional organisations.


The benefits of a Treatment

Massage offers both a physiological and psychological benefit and because no two people are the same I focus on the individual needs of each resident

Physically – massage stimulates the blood and lymph flow, which helps to rid the body of toxins. This helps to relieve tense and aching muscles and encourages joints to relax

It is relaxing and moisturises the skin as when you get older, and in heated places your skin becomes dry.

The relaxation brought on by massage or Reflexology promotes deeper breathing and can stimulate and generally improve the wellbeing of people, People with physical disabilities or are unable to communicate usually enjoy it.

Psychologically – The Massage and Reflexology soothes and calms, encouraging deep relaxation. It

Reduces stress, leading to a reduction in anxiety, emotional tension, agitation and aggression.

Little can compare to the benefits of another persons touch, which is a form of non verbal communication and it is someone else to talk to.


Length and cost of each treatment

Experience has shown that the treatment should not normally last more than 15 minutes. This is an ideal amount of time to treat a selected part of the anatomy, such as hands and arms or feet and legs. Longer sessions can be made available on request. The Treatment fees are based on 15 minutes per client. Four clients could be treated in 1 hour depending how close they are to each other.

The fees are only based on providing therapy sessions for the length of time and frequency of the visit to suit the particular needs of the home. These are total cost and on other cost are involved.

A 15 minute session is £7.00, so total hourly rate is £28.00

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