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Karmic Retreat   Meditation workshop

at   Balmoral community Centre, Salisbury Ave, Westcliff-0n-Sea Essex SS0 7AU

Tuesday 18th April  2017

Investment £15 or on door  £20 see below how to pay

Karma in Hinduism and Buddhism is the sum of a persons actions in this and previous states of existence which one views as deciding a persons experience in future existences.
Who were you in a past life?
Do you believe its possible that you lived other lives?
What happened in your past life?
How did you leave that life?
Are your past life selves living within you as sub-personalities today and how will they manifest in your future?
How did your past life emotions create your present day illnesses?
How much unfinished business do you have?

By accessing and understanding these memories rooted deep in our subconscious minds we can heal ourselves from long buried illnesses and situations. We can change our life and future lifetimes for the better in every way.

This Karmic Retreat meditation workshop will ponder the activity of our ancient DNA, of living cells and the Bardo state of existence. I will safely guide you through a gentle karmic regression meditation to connect you to your eternal soul and its magical mystical journey of lifetimes
I have a masters degree in Psychoanalysis (M.A) and qualifications in Energy Medicine, Qigong-Tai Chi and Yoga. However it is my responsibility to say that my work is a personal expression of my experiences, spiritual beliefs, practises and science based study of more than 30 years. Any individual attending this workshop will be taking full responsibility for themselves and any outcome that may occur in effect of taking part in this workshop. Thankyou

Please bring mat, blankets, cushions or pillows for head, under back and knees for comfort and contact Sandra Wiseman for bookings.
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/karmic-retreat-meditaiton-workshop-tickets-32974559796 or if dont want to pay extra £1.22 and if have a pay pal account go to sandra_wiseman@talk21.com BUT REMEMBER TO PUT FRIEND PLEASE so no extra cost


For more info phone Sandie 0757 250 2325  or Sandra 07804 138585



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